2016 Melbourne Cup Trifecta Betting

The Trifecta

Often we hear the word Trifecta used in everyday language. Much akin to saying “you’ve hit the jackpot”, Australians use the word Trifecta in normal conversation as reference to good luck. But, what does Trifecta really mean? And, what does it refer to in betting terms?

In the betting world a Trifecta can be understood by breaking it down into tri and (per) fecta. Tri indicates three and perfecta or exacta refers to the punter correctly selecting first and second place. Because the two parts of the word are used together, Trifecta refers to the punter having picked the first, second and third place getters correctly in the right order.

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Final 2014 Melbourne Cup Trifecta

  • 1st. Protectionist
  • 2nd. Red Cadeaux
  • 3rd. Who Shot Thebarman

Types of Trifecta

There are various types of Trifectas in the betting arena. The advantage to you is that they can offer you great value and high returns. You are generally able to place a Trifecta if the race has at least four or more horses running.

The Straight/Single Trifecta is the simple formation where you correctly select the first, second and third place getters in order.

The Multiple Trifecta is where the punter makes multiple selections regarding the first, second and third place getters, such as selecting four horses for first place, five horses for second place and six horses for third place. It increases your chances of choosing winners. You win the Trifecta if one of the horses you have selected for first place comes first, one you have chosen for second place comes second, and one for third comes third.

An Allways Trifecta is one in which you are able to select horses to run first, second and third in any order.

Boxed Trifectas provide a sequence or series of combination of horses that cover the order the horses will run in. For example, if you select horse A, B and C, then a boxed Trifecta will give you six combinations (ABC; ACB; BAC; BCA; CAB; CBA). A one dollar Trifecta box of three horses will cost six dollars.

The Standout Trifecta is when you select a standout from the race and you bet on it to come first. This is combined with two or more other selections from the race to come second and third in any order. With Standout Trifectas, you are able to also pick a standout to run second or third.

The Flexi Bet Trifecta is a type of Trifecta that enables you to not only pick the horses but also select the amount you wish to bet. The winnings are then worked out via a percentage of the amount you put down versus the usual cost of the Trifecta.

The Banker Trifecta is when you choose a horse to be the banker and select it to come in first place, whilst you select another two or more horses to finish second and third in order.

The Roving Banker Trifecta is when you select the banker as a definite place getter. This means that it is roving, as it can come in first, second or third. You also select two or more additional horses to fill the other two places. If successful, you have won the Trifecta.

The Double Roving Trifecta is the same as the Roving Banker Trifecta except that you are required to pick two place getters. You also need to pick one or more additional horses to fill the third place.

Trifecta Betting Online

Trifecta betting can not only be lucrative but also exciting. You do not have to miss out on the fun of placing a Trifecta bet if you are too busy to travel to a betting facility or sporting event – bet online. Your Trifecta winnings are only a mouse click away. Experience the enjoyment of the track and the thrill of winning all from the comfort of your own home. You never have to miss out on placing a Trifecta again. Gather information online at Ladbrokes to inform your bet, watch the event at home, and cheer with the crowd – all whilst avoiding the chaos, traffic and queues.

Melbourne Cup Trifecta

Every serious punter dreams of picking the Melbourne Cup trifecta, as it is both very profitable and a great way to show off your betting skills. However, most punters give themselves a bit of a hand by placing a box Melbourne Cup trifecta that covers all the likely placegetters.

Caulfield Guineas Trifecta

The Caulfield Guineas trifecta can be a challenge to pick, as the contenders will often have only run a few events that season. Nevertheless, the Caulfield Guineas trifecta prize pool is generally quite large, as Caulfield Guineas Day is one of the first big events of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival.

Caulfield Cup Trifecta

Picking a Caulfield Cup trifecta is not as popular for punters as the Caulfield Cup-Melbourne Cup double, but anyone who manages to pick the right Caulfield Cup trifecta should feel confident about their picks for a Melbourne Cup trifecta.

Cox Plate Trifecta

Getting the Cox Plate trifecta right can be a challenge, as the Cox Plate field tends to be filled with high quality runners. However, this can lead to some champion runners getting long odds, which means massive Cox Plate trifecta payouts.

Victoria Derby Trifecta

As the Victoria Derby is held so soon before the Melbourne Cup, a lot of casual punters use a Victoria Derby trifecta to get ready for the big race. As few of the competitors will have run the distance before, you should rely a little more on knowledge of a horse’s breeding when picking a Victoria Derby trifecta than you would normally.

Crown Oaks Trifecta

As the premiere distance race for 3 year old fillies and held just days after the Melbourne Cup, the Crown Oaks gets lots of love from both serious and casual punters. As with the Victoria Derby, it is unlikely many of the runners will have raced at the distance before, so a Crown Oaks trifecta pick needs to take breeding into consideration.

Emirates Stakes Trifecta

An Emirates Stakes trifecta win can erase any prior losses in the season, or send your total spring racing profits soaring. As the Emirates Stakes is the last major race of the season, an Emirates Stakes trifecta is your last chance to win a major trifecta until early in the next year.

Epsom Handicap Trifecta

If you are a follower of the Sydney Spring Racing Carnival, then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to place an Epsom Handicap trifecta. The race is one of the most important Group 1s of the season, which makes the Epsom Handicap trifecta prize pool quite impressive.

Trifecta News

The 2016 Melbourne Cup trifecta has talented Irish raider Bondi Beach winning the Flemington feature from standout stayer Wicklow Brave and Caulfield Cup third placegetter Exospheric. That is the tale of the tape in 2016 Melbourne Cup betting markets with leading online bookie , where punters can add to the…